How much are san antonio zoo tickets?

This big discount is how the zoo shows its gratitude to. There's always something new to see at the zoo. Every year is packed with exciting events and additions. There's also a San Antonio Zoo app that you can download to your phone and includes information about the animals, a GPS map and information about tickets.

To enjoy what San Antonio has to offer, all you have to do is purchase a standard admission ticket. When you buy San Antonio Zoo tickets online, you can skip the lines at the zoo's ticket desks. During zoo hours, tour the zoo, along the tracks that line the banks of the San Antonio River. With more than 750 species on 56 acres to explore, it's highly recommended to bring a map of the San Antonio Zoo if you're visiting it with children.

The Savanna enclosure is home to the three giraffes from the San Antonio Zoo, Cosmo, Alan and Brayden, and this is where giraffes are fed. The San Antonio Zoo has three main restaurants: Beastro Restaurant, Longnecks Bar and Grill, and Riverview Restaurant. In addition to helping to navigate habitats, the San Antonio Zoo design also helps identify services for visitors, such as restaurants, restrooms, playgrounds, gift shops, etc. With its 60 impressive hand-painted animals, the San Antonio Zoo carousel is an instant hit with children and adults.

The San Antonio Zoo offers three fascinating breakfasts, where you can have dinner with your favorite animals.