What ethnicity is san antonio texas?

The highest high school graduation rate is found among white people, with a rate of 82.48%. The highest rate of bachelor's degrees is found among Asians, with a rate of 44.86%. The map below shows the diversity in San Antonio. The areas in green are more diverse, while the areas in red are much less diverse.

Diversity, in this case, means a mix of people of different races and ethnicities who live close to each other. For example, completely black and white areas of the city would be considered to lack diversity. While the influx of people from other countries and other parts of the country contributes to the growth of San Antonio, the city is also experiencing healthy natural growth with a high birth rate and a low death rate. This chart shows the stock breakdown of the major industries for residents of San Antonio, Texas, although some of these residents may live in San Antonio, Texas, and work elsewhere.

The following map shows the majority race by area in the San Antonio metropolitan area, as self-identified in the United States Census. The race least likely to be in poverty in San Antonio is the Islander, with 6.37% below the poverty level. While it won't overtake Dallas any time soon, San Antonio's growth will allow it to maintain its place as the second most populated city in Texas for the time being. The most diverse area within the proper limits of the San Antonio metropolitan area is located east of the city.