Is the San Antonio Riverwalk Worth It?

No visit to San Antonio, Texas, can be complete without visiting the incredible San Antonio River Walk. This is the heart of the city and, without a doubt, its main tourist attraction. It's also one of the top attractions in Texas and easily competes with The Alamo, Big Bend and Palo Duro Canyon for attention. The four missions are also worth visiting.

At four o'clock, admission is free, and this is a great way to get a better understanding of the early days of life in this part of the world. Our guide to visiting the Alamo and San Antonio missions can help you plan your trip. During the holiday season, the Paseo del Rio is illuminated with millions of lights. It's important to note that this area of San Antonio is more upscale than other parts of the city, so prices may be higher than average.

The San Antonio River Walk was created as a way to control river levels after a devastating flood. This 15-mile-long network of pathways runs along the San Antonio River and features shops, restaurants, and other attractions. Here's a Google map showing the general route of the San Antonio Riverwalk, which you can also see on Google Maps here. We'll review the highlights, explain what the river walk is and how to find it, as well as anything else you need to know to visit the San Antonio waterfront.

The Arneson River Theater is a great place to catch a show or performance while walking along the San Antonio waterfront. The people of San Antonio have worked hard to preserve their history and beauty while developing their economic resources. The River Walk is now home to attractions, shops, art galleries, and restaurants and is one of San Antonio's top attractions in its own right. This website has maps showing the ramps and elevators that provide an accessible entrance to the San Antonio waterfront.

You'll get an overview of the river's design and learn about its history as well as some of San Antonio's history. There are many restaurants on the San Antonio waterfront, making it difficult to choose one. To make sure you get the most out of your visit, it's important to plan ahead and research all your options before you go.