Is san antonio or austin safer?

San Antonio arrived as the No. Over the years, San Antonio grew strong and became the stable and supportive older brother, while Austin became the more adventurous and unpredictable younger brother. The idea that Austin and San Antonio could eventually come together in a single metropolitan area seems sensible; they share many positive similarities and their unique personalities help make Central Texas such a special region of the state. But, like all sibling relationships, the bond between San Antonio and Austin is primarily threatened by competition.

If your top priority is affordable real estate and maximizing your initial investment in a home, then San Antonio represents a better purchase. According to GreatSchools, San Antonio is home to 1,095 schools (preschool and high school), while Austin includes only 715 schools (preschool and high school). Austin clearly wins the “crowded” trophy with a population density more than double that of San Antonio. Both Austin and San Antonio are car-dependent cities, and most travelers use private vehicles to get around.

Unique, welcoming and culturally intelligent, San Antonio is considered one of the most welcoming cities in Texas. With a population of more than 1.5 million, San Antonio is the “larger of the two cities in the corridor”; the population of Austin is just under 1 million. In terms of walkability, WalkScore ranks Austin as the 29th most walkable city in Texas, while San Antonio is ranked 40th. The potential for job growth and upward mobility usually play an important role in any move, so researching the economic situation in both Austin and San Antonio can help you decide which location is best for you from a professional perspective.

The city does have access to B-Cycle, a bicycle-sharing program that is present in other metropolitan areas of Texas (especially in Austin), so many advocates for safe streets in San Antonio are cautiously optimistic that conditions for those who don't drive in Alamo City could improve in the near future. In terms of travel time, both Austin and San Antonio suffer from heavy traffic and congestion, but Austin has the worst record. And, as Austin has increasingly grown in popularity and reputation, San Antonio has felt the need to defend its honor a bit.