Who is the Mayor of San Antonio?

Ronald Adrian Nirenberg is an American politician who currently serves as the mayor of San Antonio, Texas. Prior to his election, Nirenberg was a two-term member of the San Antonio City Council for District 8.He graduated summa cum laude from Trinity University in San Antonio with a degree in communication. Nirenberg has also earned a degree in journalism from Texas State University and has worked as a reporter and digital news editor for the San Antonio Express-News. He has been to the Capitol several times this year to oppose laws such as the “bathroom bill” and the “ban on sanctuary cities” which he believes are detrimental to the people and government of San Antonio.

In addition, Nirenberg has been vocal in his opposition to Senate Bill 4, which seeks to ban sanctuary cities. He has also taken action in response to tragedies such as the shooting at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas, where he sent first responders from San Antonio to assist. Mayor Ronald Adrian Nirenberg is a dedicated public servant who is committed to protecting the people of San Antonio and advocating for their best interests.