Is San Antonio Texas an Affordable Place to Live?

San Antonio is a great option for those looking for an affordable place to live. It is 14% below the national average in terms of cost of living, according to PayScale. This makes it cheaper than cities like Orlando, Dallas, Phoenix, Philadelphia and San Diego. Even compared to other large cities in Texas, such as Austin and Dallas, San Antonio is more affordable.

In fact, it is 2.7% less expensive than Houston and 11.5% less expensive than Dallas. Housing is one of the most notable areas where San Antonio surpasses the national average in terms of affordability and value. Grocery spending is also lower than the national average, at 91.4 compared to 100. Plus, there is no state income tax in Texas, which can be a great benefit for those looking to move to San Antonio. However, there are some drawbacks to living in San Antonio. The city has the fourth highest property tax in the country, and exposure to smog and other air irritants can cause severe asthma attacks.

Additionally, Texas has unforgivable weather much of the year, so you'll need to keep your air conditioner on during the summer. Despite these drawbacks, San Antonio still offers a lot of advantages. It is a major city that still has a small-town feel. Plus, it is home to the Alamo, one of the most historically important places in the United States. Renting an apartment in San Antonio is also more affordable than in other cities in Texas. Ultimately, San Antonio offers an affordable living option that can't be found in many other places.

With its low cost of living and its many attractions, it's no wonder that San Antonio attracts young families and retirees alike.