Will San Antonio Get Snow This Winter?

Rainfall is expected to be below average this winter, but snowfall is predicted to be above average in the north.

San Antonio

has a 40-50% chance of experiencing lower-than-normal amounts of snow and rain. The rest of the country will experience varying weather conditions depending on the region. The Pacific Northwest and the upper Midwest are expected to be colder than normal, while most of the southernmost part of the U.

S. and the East Coast will be warmer than usual. February is typically the month with the least rainfall in San Antonio, but it is also the month when snow is most likely to fall. Major snow events usually occur during La Niña, as was seen in February 2021 when thousands of people in San Antonio were left without access to electricity or water.

According to meteorologist White, temperatures in San Antonio will drop 20 degrees after reaching a maximum of 60. The lowest minimum in the city will be in high adolescence and around 20 degrees on Friday and Saturday mornings.